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Federal Transfer Limits (Regulation D)

Federal Reserve Regulation D sets limits on the number of electronic transfers made from non transaction or savings accounts. The purpose of this regulation is to prevent people from using their savings accounts like a checking account. The Federal Reserve, an independent U.S. Government agency responsible for steering the U.S. economy and preventing inflation, monitors the amount of money in circulation – the money supply. Money in checking accounts is a key component of the money supply.

Regulation D, under which AnMed FCU accounts fall, requires financial institutions to limit electronic phone line transfers from savings accounts to six (6) per month. NetBranch transfers are considered phone line transfers.

This limit applies to transfers out of savings type accounts, such as savings accounts or Money Market checking accounts. This does not apply to transfers out of savings to loans within the same financial institution, in this case with AnMed FCU or transfers into savings accounts.

Transfers into and out of your share draft account are unlimited because this is a transaction account.

If you have reached your limit, please come by our office and we will make the transfer for you. Transfers made in person, by mail, or at an ATM are also unlimited.

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